We are here in Detroit for the ELCA National Youth Gathering - exploring, worshipping, serving, and meeting new friends for the week. Thus far, it's been full of joy and learning and lots of fun! (Please excuse the lack of blog posts this far. Lack of wifi and lack of sleep have contributed!) We arrived [...]

We’re back!

In the past couple months, we've encountered a few website ... er ... challenges but we're back online with some improvements!  Check out the latest issue of the LOG, a revised method for online giving, and even a couple new photos using the tabs at the top. In other news, we're deep into the season [...]

Lent is here.

I can hardly believe it.  Lent began late this year and yet it seems to have snuck up on us as it always does.  Please consider joining us for special Lenten and Easter services -- Wednesdays [beginning tonight!]: Supper at 5:30, Worship at 6:45 Palm Sunday, April 13th, 9am worship Maundy Thursday worship [with First [...]

Lenten Devotional

It's hard to believe that the season of Lent is just around the corner. Here at Red Oak Grove that means Wednesday night worship, burying our alleluias, and journeying together in faith in some unique ways. This year, part of that means our very own devotional, written by Red Oak Grove people for Red Oak [...]

Fall festival fun!

We had a blast at our fall festival last Sunday afternoon.  The sun was shining as we jumped aboard hay wagons and rode to the woods.  There was a bonfire with hot dogs and smores; pumpkin decorating; a scavenger hunt; and the wilderness to explore!  Thank you to all who came and all who helped [...]

A chaos of blessing.

For the past couple years, we've emphasized blessing.  The kind of blessing where you mark the sign of the cross on another's forehead and remind them of God's love for them.  We encourage that kind of blessing to happen at home.  Lots of that kind of blessing happens on Sunday mornings when there is a [...]


Monday mornings are always a-flutter with activity in the ROG fellowship hall. It's quilting time. Next week will be the last Monday of quilting until fall.  The ladies and gents have been busy sewing and tying and binding nearly 100 quilts since they began last fall.  The quilts will go to a variety of homes [...]