What’s yours like?

Have you ever played that game?  It’s a classic youth group game.  Here’s how it works:

One person leaves the group.  The remaining group secretly decides on a common object [ie toothbrush, shoe, car, etc.] – something everyone has. Let’s go with toothbrush.  The outside person comes back to the group and can ask anyone, “What’s yours like?”  “Green.”  “Wet.”  “Minty.”  “Blue.”  “New.”  The outside person has to guess what object the group is referring to … get it?

Let’s say our object is the Bible.

What’s yours like?

I sat with three women on Sunday morning after worship.  Each had their Bibles with them, as we had planned on meeting for Bible study.  They had the Bibles they were given in confirmation.  One was presented in the mid-60s; the other in the mid-30s.  The Bibles were worn, used, written in, with pages loose in the spine.

What’s yours like?

Is it a family Bible?  Is it on the shelf or on your bedside table?  Is it new, hardcover or paperback?  Full of highlighting or bookmarks?  Is it a place you go in time of trouble and in times of joy?  What story does your Bible tell?

What’s yours like?


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