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LOG August 2022

Each year we look forward to watching the “Best Rescue Dog Show,” or the dog show that is comprised of only rescue dogs with categories like best under bite or best in snoring. I think it’s one of those programs that always reminds us to look to the light-hearted side of life. It is a…

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LOG July 2022

Siblings in Christ,  It seems that the world is moving at a pace that is sometimes hard to keep up with. In times like these it is tough to feel like we have enough, and at the church it feels that way, too. It looks and feels like there isn’t enough people filling our pews,…

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LOG June 2022

My Siblings in Christ,  When traveling through the country, I find that there are people to connect with along the way. It makes  travel unique and perhaps it is one of my favorite things about stopping and spending time at places in different  states. Whether it be the owner of a small roadside garage antique…

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LOG May 2022

When I think of peace, I think of something like a meadow tucked away where the flowers and grasses are  lightly moving in the breeze. It is those places where you see the little bugs coming to life and start to explore  the flowers and surrounding area once more. I find that even the little…

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