What’s yours like?

Have you ever played that game?  It's a classic youth group game.  Here's how it works: One person leaves the group.  The remaining group secretly decides on a common object [ie toothbrush, shoe, car, etc.] - something everyone has. Let's go with toothbrush.  The outside person comes back to the group and can ask anyone, [...]

Baskets of Promise.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday - the beginning of Holy Week.  After worshipping together with palms waving, children singing, and eating bread together, we assembled personal health kits.  It's been our Lenten mission project coinciding with Lutheran World Relief's Baskets of Promise campaign.  We've collected bars of soap, combs, toothbrushes, nail clippers, and towels for the [...]

Winter wonderland.

Say what you will about winter - whether you're enjoying every snow fall or eagerly waiting for spring - but it sure can be beautiful.  These photos were snapped last Thursday - an absolutely beautiful morning at Red Oak Grove.  Click on the first photo to scroll through the winter wonderland.  Thanks to Judy W. [...]

Find us on Facebook!

Red Oak Grove has a brand new Facebook page - a virtual place to gather in grace, just as our mission statement proclaims. To be a part of this virtual community of people who know and love ROG, log onto your Facebook account, search for "roglutheran" in the search bar at the top of the [...]

Baptism of our Lord

This past Sunday was Baptism of our Lord Sunday - the Sunday in the church year when we celebrate and recognize Jesus' baptism by the Holy Spirit.  Check out the third chapter of Luke for the full story. In church, we took to remembering our own baptisms.  We sprinkled each other with water using evergreen [...]


It's the season of Advent.  The season of waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting for that blessed Christmas morning.  Advent means our sanctuary is filled with blue [blue is the color of Advent] and many of us may use an Advent calendar to wait ... and wait ... and wait until Christmas. At Red [...]

Operation Christmas Child

For the last month, we've been collecting shoeboxes and all sort of things to stuff in the shoeboxes at Red Oak Grove.  Pencils and markers and stuffed animals and toothbrushes and all sorts of stuff filled our collection baskets and this past Sunday, we completed the service project for Operation Christmas Child. Together we packed [...]


The corn in the field behind the church has been harvested and the leaves outside the church doors are turning all sort of colors.  Autumn has arrived. With the season of autumn comes a new year at the church.  We've kicked off the Sunday School year and confirmation is in full swing.  [Have a youth [...]