Baptism of our Lord

This past Sunday was Baptism of our Lord Sunday – the Sunday in the church year when we celebrate and recognize Jesus’ baptism by the Holy Spirit.  Check out the third chapter of Luke for the full story.


In church, we took to remembering our own baptisms.  We sprinkled each other with water using evergreen branches – reminding us that every time we get wet, we should remember our baptisms.  Families also received bottles of soap [just what the kids coming up for the children’s sermon wanted!] with an important phrase taped to the bottle.  The instructions were that every time we wash our hands, we should say those words to ourselves.


What would happen if that was the message we heard every single day?  That we are loved.  That we are called by God.  That we are sent into the world to make a difference.  If we hear it enough, we just might start to believe it and, oh, what a difference that will make in our own lives and the lives of people around us.

This day and everyday – you are a beloved child of God, called and sent into the world to make a difference.

Hear it.  Believe it.  Live into it.

Happy baptism, Jesus.

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