We’re back!

In the past couple months, we’ve encountered a few website … er … challenges but we’re back online with some improvements!  Check out the latest issue of the LOG, a revised method for online giving, and even a couple new photos using the tabs at the top.

In other news, we’re deep into the season of Lent in the church year.  The season of purple and the season that guides us to Easter morning and the empty tomb.  Do you have any Lenten practices?  Do you give something up or take on a spiritual practice?  An interesting list is making the rounds – 40 Things to Give Up for Lent.  What do you think?

Another conversation happening at Red Oak Grove is that of faith formation.  How can we best help our young people grow in faith and in community at church?  We keep talking about it; if you want to join the conversation, please, we welcome you!  Here is another interesting article about young people and church. (It is blunt and one person’s opinion … but perhaps raises some important questions.)

We’re also pretty excited about our Lenten service project at Red Oak Grove.  We’re collecting coins each Sunday in our noisy coin bucket.  The coins collected will go to an organization that provides meals both locally and internationally.  These are packed meals of rice, dehydrated veggies, and other good stuff that can be easily made by anyone, needing only water and stove.  The really exciting part of this service project is that once all of our money is collected, we get to help pack the meals together!  Everyone will be invited to be hands-on in feeding our neighbors.  Stay posted for the pack date (which will be located in Austin).

I think that catches you up to speed on a few of happenings at Red Oak Grove.  We’re happy to have our online presence restored and glad you welcome us back!

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