LOG October 2022

Beloveds of Red Oak Grove, 

It is time for October already! I know that we all probably find ourselves saying that several times throughout the year, but is seems like those autumn winds arrived sooner. I do like it, though. This month we have many exciting things in the docket. From our Trunk or Treat to the Bake-Off, we as a community have the opportunity to connect with one another several times this month! 

Earlier in this season of ordinary time, we had a Gospel text that spoke on a fire that Jesus wished had already been brought and kindled. I was thinking about this while lighting a fire in our fire put and then watching the embers dance and change color. What does it mean for us knowing about the kindled fire that Christ brought to life in us? 

The Gospel of Luke repeatedly points to this being something we show by being in community with others. Church is a place where that kindled fire is tended to and where our point of community begins. The church is the people that is found within it. You being church means that the fire of Christ is carried with you and is shown to the world from there. Like the embers that are alive, Christ is alive in you. That the people around you, who we call church, the church you are a part of, are kindled too. The living church is a place where we find the fires and warmth of Christ visible through each other. 

This October, I hope that you are reminded of that warmth we share with one another at church and beyond. I hope that you remember, too, the kindled fire of Christ that you carry with you always. 

With God’s Peace, 

Pastor Leandra 

October 23rd Bake Off – Bring your baked items to church by 9 a.m. Have them labeled with your name and  the name of your item. Items will be tasted and voted on so be sure you have enough. No fee to enter but  there will be a fee to taste and vote. More information will be coming soon. 

October 30th “Trunk or Treat” will take place from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the church parking lot. This is  a good opportunity for us to connect with the community but we do need you to participate to make  this a success. Last year we had 100 kids that came! You can decorate your vehicle, wear a  costume and fill your trunks with candy, pencils, stickers etc. If you can’t make it, you can donate  items for this community outreach event. 

ROG Member Spotlight 

Name: Diana Horan 

Member since: Since birth, 1986 

Favorite Bible Verse: “The Lord is my Strength and my Shield” Psalm 28:7, “Walk by Faith not by Sight” 2  Corinthians 5:7 

Tell about your Family: I have been married to my husband Matt for 12 years this December, we started  dating back in 2004 and married 2010. We have 3 beautiful daughters together Samantha age 10, Kori age 8  and Morgan age 4. We also have 5 fur babies our 4 cats Forrester, Koko, Olaf, and Rei. We expanded our fur  babies this past May and got Indy our puppy who is Lab/German Shepard. We have resided in the small town  of Hollandale in our home since June 2005. 

Favorite Hobbies: I am a true Minnesota girl and have hobbies for all seasons. I enjoy snowmobiling, ice  skating on our pond, and sledding in the winter. For Spring I enjoy planting flowers and starting grow all things  in our yard including our garden. Summer we spend as much time as we can camping and fishing. Fall brings  canning and the holidays and family gatherings. In between all that I try to find time to craft and DIY projects. 

What past/present event at ROG has been your favorite: Cowboy Service is for sure a top event at the  church, but my favorite event I attended in the past is on Maundy Thursday. Once we had a dinner style  service and had supper together. It was something different and each table had place settings and meal as  well as communion. It was fun to enjoy a meal with others and have church service as well as dinner talk with  one another. 

Favorite Color: Orange 

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Armageddon and Friends 

What do you love about Red Oak Grove: This church has been important to my family through many  generations and I love to hear that heritage is similar for many families. The church has always been so  welcoming to me in all my stages of life so far as well to my husband and children. I hope to carry that heritage,  faith and love to my children. My great grandma always attended church when she could and her faith was  very important to me. Whenever I would stay with her she always made sure I did prayer at bedtime and was  the first to teach me the Lord’s Prayer. Now anytime I say the Lord’s Prayer I think of her and know she is with  me and gives me strength. 

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church Council Minutes
September 13, 2022 

The meeting was called to order by president, Gary Ulland. Members in attendance included: Pastor Leandra,  Julie, Joyce, Diana, Gary, Holly, Cathy, Tom, Rachael, and Rony. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer. Highs  and Lows shared 

Secretary’s Report: 

Report approved as is by all present. 

Pastor’s Report: 

First call order has started back up. Reached out to Synod to setup meeting with Council and ROG members  to host meeting on stewardship that was held in September. Led normal Sunday services and 1 Cowboy Service as well as attempted another outdoor service that weather didn’t allow.  

Treasurer’s Report: 

Starting Balance: $8,923.36 

Revenue: $7,158.24 

Expenses: $7,959.97 

Ending Balance: $8,121.63 

Submitted paperwork to IRS on recovery money for losses during COVID. Consulting fee totaled $500 and  should see $8,934.80 coming back first of the year. 

Reviewed proposed budget for 2023 for Annual Meeting. 

Report approved by all present as is. 

Deacon’s Report: 

Working on upcoming Trunk or Treat event and discussion on Sunday School for the school year. 

Trustee’s Report: 

Nothing new has come up. Roofing down payment was sent so that project can start. Tree will be coming down  in next couple weeks. Carpet will be installed in September sometime. 

WELCA Report: 

Nothing new to report for Council. 

New Business: 

1. Annual Meeting Agenda reviewed by Council for Sunday’s Annual Meeting. 

2. Still looking to fill Council positions for Vice-President, Deacon and Trustee. 

3. Reviewed and approved letter of gratitude to those that have made donation to the church in the past year.

4. Upcoming fundraiser/fun community event a Bake off Competition set for October 23 for coffee hour after service. Details will be posted in LOG. 

Motion from Rony and seconded by Rachael to adjourn and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Next meeting will  be October 11th at 5:30. 

Respectfully submitted,  

Diana Horan, Council Secretary

WELCA Report 

September 7, 2022 WELCA of Red Oak Grove met at 1 p.m. There were 8 present. The meeting started at 1 p.m. The purpose was read together. Sang “For the Beauty of the Earth” page 153. 

No Secretary Report. Linda absent.  

Treasurer’s Report given by Ardell. 

Correspondence – none 

Committee Reports: Quilting-Judy Wambeam – Twenty quilts went to Marie Sandvik – adult and youth. Two  quilts donated to Blooming Prairie Cancer Group for Auction on September 10th and 11th. One quilt made by  Diana Magnuson and a Minnesota Gopher Stadium quilt. Need to send blankets to Rachel’s Hope. Quilting to  start September 26th at 9 a.m. 

Joyce thanked Louise for all the flowers brought to church. Linda sent her a note of thanks. Also thanked all  who helped with Meals on Wheels in August. 

New Business: September 22nd at 9 a.m. the tables in the basement will be cleaned. Please bring ice cream  pails and wash cloths. 

WELCA will supply hot dogs, buns, chips, strawberries and ice cream for Cowboy Sunday. 

Judy W. made a motion and seconded by Ardell to pay Brent for tent that was damaged on the day of the  Strawberry Social. It was very windy that day.  

WELCA will serve coffee on Annual Meeting Sunday. 

On Saturday, September 17th, Ardell and Joyce will be attending conference for WELCA in Rochester. 

Ardell sent card to Selma Lysne for her 99th birthday. Connie Benson and Virginia Davis are now at Thorncrest in Albert Lea. No visitation due to COVID. Joyce stopped to visit Verna. She is doing better. 

Next meeting will be October 5th at 7 p.m. Marilyn Helleck gave closing devotions and read an article  on ”Geese as one of God’s Creatures”. 

See you all on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 1 p.m. 

Notes taken by Nancy W. and written by Linda C. 

Noisy Coin Offering for October will go to the Back Pack Program in Blooming Prairie. 

If you have changed your address or telephone number, please call the office so that our records can be  updated. Thank you. 

Just a reminder – The new and only phone number for the church office is 1-507-320-8287.

Ladies – Quilting started on Monday, September 26th from 9-11:30 a.m.

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