We’re back!

After a morning of Sunday worship and a long bus ride home, we’ve made it home.  We were sleepy, a little crabby, and oh so happy to set foot on Minnesota soil.  But, boy, were we grateful for this wonderful experience.

Below is a link to a speaker we heard on our first night at the Superdome in New Orleans.  I think I mentioned her in a prior post.  She was easily one of the most influential speakers we heard in our time.  She has a way of telling the truth and sharing what God’s grace is all about.

Anxious to hear more about our trip?  Come to worship this Sunday where the youth will be leading the service and sharing stories.  [And it’s outside – bring your lawn chair!]  If you can’t make it this Sunday, engage them in conversation the next time you see them.  I’m certain they will be excited to share with you what we did and how this experience is now a part of their lives.

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