We made it!

At our nightly check-in meeting this evening, we shared our highs and lows for the day. Nearly a majority shared that trying to sleep on the bus was a low point of the day but the highs shared greatly outweighed the travel it took to arrive. (But sleeping in the bus was indeed hard!)

We arrived in New Orleans in the mid-afternoon, registered at the convention center, and then checked into our hotel rooms. We cleaned up after the 24 hours on the bus and were off into the city as a group to a recommended restaurant. Traditional New Orleans cuisine was the goal and as muffuletta sandwiches, jumbalaya, and sea food graced our table, we knew our goal was reached. Our bellies were filled and our taste buds stretched!

Tomorrow we approach a full day of activity and fun. We will look forward to reporting back on our swamp tour and our first night of the gathering in the superdome. We are so excited to be here!

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