On our way!

Five youth and Pastor Lindsay boarded a bus along with First Lutheran in Blooming Prairie bound for New Orleans and the ELCA National Youth Gathering! We are headed for a week of practicing discipleship, justice, and peacemaking. We will keep you posted through the week here at this web address. Keep us and our travels in your prayers!


3 thoughts on “On our way!

  1. Hi! How is it going? I’m sure you were all glad to get to New Orleans. Is it HOT? We had rain here today so it cooled off to 75 but it will start going up again tomarrow. Have a blessed time with everyone! Greet the grandkids from us!

    1. Hi grandma this is Jessica. Yes it is hot down here. We are
      In the supper dome and is raining here too. Waiting to get out of the supper dome because they won’t let us go till the
      rain let’s up. Lots of Lutherans here and not see cousin yet
      because Emma knows him. Miss you say hi to everyone love you.

  2. Good to hear form you! How did you like the airboat ride? The trees ae neat with the Spanish moss, aren’t they? The inside of the super dome looks neat. I’m sure you are having a great time. Be sure to take plenty of pictures.. Is that you holding the alligator? Grandpa had kidney test at Mayo today. This will help the docs determine how much longer he will be on dialysis. Hope it turned out good. Be sure to call your mom and tell her you love and miss her. You forgot to give her a hug when you left. It is getting warmer outside. It is now 6:00 pm. Take care and have fun! Miss you and Ty-tell him HI-Love you two too!!

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