Mosquitoes, oh my!

Uh oh.

Even though it is winter, pesky mosquitoes have invaded Red Oak Grove – have you seen them hanging out in our building?  [Kids challenge: Count how many mosquitoes there are in the building and tell Pastor Lindsay your final answer.  Get the number right for a prize!]  The bad news is that the mosquitoes won’t leave until mosquito nets are purchased.  But that’s also good news – for each mosquito net we buy, a family in Africa will be safe from a deadly disease!

The next couple weeks we will focus on the disease malaria and what WE can do to save people’s lives.  One child dies every 45 seconds from malaria – and we can stop that from happening!  The Sunday School children are all over this cause and collecting money for nets.  WELCA is in on it too!  Keep this initiative in your prayers, check out the bed net hanging in the Sunday School wing, and watch the bulletins for more ways that you can help!

Check out this website and this one for more information!

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