It’s here.

It’s hard to believe it’s the week of Christmas.  December has flown by at lightning speed and now we rush, rush, rush to put those last holiday presents under the tree and the last decorating touches on our home.  Christmas plans are made.  Menus are planned.

The children and youth of ROG shared the Christmas story in a new and wonderful way yesterday during their Christmas program in worship.  The children were different animals – bees, bugs, donkeys, birds, roosters, and sheep.  Each of the animals shared the great news of Jesus’ birth in their own unique way.  A buzz.  A baa.  A song.

How will you share the news of Jesus’ birth this Christmas?  Pushing the stress of the season to the side, how will you celebrate Emmanuel, God with us?  What will it sound like when you take a deep breath, recall the story from the gospel of Luke, and tell the tale again?

Will it sound like reading the gospel story before opening gifts?  Will it sound like being there for those who need it this season?  Will it sound like “Merry Christmas!,” a hug, and an “I love you” to those who surround you?

How will you share the great news of Jesus’ birth in your own unique way?

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