LOG November 2021

November, 2021 

Every November I think we hear the continuous chiming of ways to count our blessings, to know and remember all those things that we have been blessed with throughout the year. You might even have one of those stereotypical conversations around the table about what you happen to be grateful for over the past year. Whether that be football, a good harvest, gifts, or other people, we find the things that we are thankful for nestled into the daily, weekly, and monthly passing of our lives. Each one of those little blessings is a thing that we lift up because a bunch of little blessings leads to big blessings. I hope while you are pondering that as we famously do in November you can think of more than one thing. 

We have had many exciting things happening in the congregation. The quilting group began quilting for the fall, GIFT and Sunday school has begun, and we even are having a super fun Trunk or Treat for Halloween. Four of our youth are being confirmed and we will celebrate with them in full Lutheran style on Sunday Oct. 31st with coffee and cake. Each of these things is made possible because we have people who volunteer and create fun events for our kids, our church, and our community. I hope that if you haven’t had the opportunity to help or join in with something in the past that you will consider it in the future because it is a bundle of fun! 

That leads me to thinking of the blessings we have had as a church this year. We have been able to gather in person most of the year. We came together as a community to complete an amazing Strawberry Festival. We have fed one another and celebrated in baptisms and in funerals. At the end of the day one of the biggest blessings and thanksgivings to this congregation is each and every one of you! Thank you for being an amazing congregation as we grow and learn in this community in Christ. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! 

With God’s Peace, 

Pastor Leandra 

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church Council Minutes- October 12, 2021  

The meeting was called to order by president, Rony Magnuson. Members in attendance included; Rony,  Rachel, Pastor Leandra, Tom, Cathy, Holly, Gary, Diana, Julie, & Ardell. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer.  

Secretary Report: 

No corrections from lasts months meeting notes. Report approved by all present.  

Trustee’s Report: 

Men’s bathroom fixed and back available for use. Well heater needs to be plugged in for upcoming cold  season. Carpet project still waiting for carpet to arrive. Snow blower needs to be looked at see what needs to  be fixed or replaced. Tom will work on getting snow removal schedule setup for upcoming winter months. 

WELCA Report: 

Nothing new to report been quiet this last month.  

Deacon Report: 

GIFT last Wednesday had very low attendance and same for Sunday school. Upcoming Trunk or Treat has  had great response on Facebook and is hopeful to be a successful event, still looking for more to sign up to  have a decorated trunk and pass candy.  

Pastor’s Report: 

Held bible study with WELCA, 4 Sunday services, Confirmation has started back up and will have 4 getting  confirmed at end of the month. Led 1 funeral service. New to Synod meeting this week.  

Treasurer’s Report 

Reviewed and approved as is by all present.  

Old Business:  

1. Church cleaning/organizing has been finished, Rony will finish remaining closets in Sunday school rooms,  Cleaned out items will be open for any church members to have. Dates and details will be put in upcoming  Log.  

2. Matt Horan will prepare quote to update lighting in Nursery.  

3. Discussed annual meeting and all thought went well.  

4. Will once again sponsor books for 1st grade students in Blooming Prairie Elementary School.  

New Business:  

1. Reviewed new Custodian Job description made by Rony and church member Allan W. Council thought the job description looked good. Plan to move forward as Rony will review this detailed list with Katie for her  input on the job being done and how to move forward and see improvements. Will also let her know Council is looking into what other services or people would be interested in the job and cost with other services or  people.  

 Will be reviewed at next meeting.  

2. Council members are to bring 2 ideas for November Council meeting for fundraisers to hold for Carpet  fundraising.  

3. Church will provide cake for fellowship following service on October 31 for the Confirmants. Julie will order  and deliver to church for that Sunday.  

4. In case of bad weather will let Pastor Leandra make that call and cancel church and get word out.  5. Will plan to have November Food Drive, need to get more details.  

6. Proposed changes to constitution:  

Annual meeting date change to “by end of January” to allow for some flexibility for snow storms.  Council President can serve on Council in another position after his/her terms.  

Add a voting youth member with certain age range and 1 year term with max 2 terms.  

7. Discussed upcoming ELCA Youth Gathering and will look at ways we could support Grant M. in his journey  to this. Will wait for details after upcoming meeting Grant has so we can learn best ways to support him. 

Motion from Gary and seconded by Rachael to adjourn and closed with the Lord’s Prayer. 

Respectfully submitted, Diana Horan, Council Secretary

WELCA Minutes 

The Red Oak Grove WELCA met on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 2 p.m. following Bible Study with Pastor  Leandra. There were 8 present. The meeting was called to order by President, Joyce Peterson. The purpose  was read. Marilyn Helleck read an article entitled “October” for devotions. The Secretary’s Report from  September was read by Ardell in Linda’s absence. Ardell gave the Treasurer’s Report. No questions, both  reports were placed on file. Council Report was given by Ardell. They have not received a bid on the flooring  yet, so everything is on hold for now. 

Committee Reports: Judy reported that Quilting sent 15 quilts to Marie Sandvik, 6 adults and 9 childrens. 

Correspondence: Joyce thanked Marilyn Helleck for decorating the altar, Judy Wambeam for decorating by  both north and south doors, Cindy Hingeveld for delivering items to Marie Sandvik. The Christmas décor  storage area has been cleaned and organized. WELCA serves coffee at church, November 21st. We need a  couple servers. We will also be electing officers for 2022 at our meeting in November, which is November 11,  2021. 

Offering was taken and the Lord’s Prayer was prayed. Coffee and cake was served by Judy Wambeam and  Suzanne Hamersma. 

Ardell Swenson filling in for Linda Christianson. 


On October 31st we celebrated Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) with four youth. They are Addison  Doocy, Anna Haberman, Grant Magnuson and Benjamin Riley. Our thoughts and prayers go with them as  they continue their faith journeys. 

We would like to share the Confirmands Statements of Faith with you 


Romans 8:18 

Faith to me means trust and friendship with God. My bible verse is Romans 8:18 and I interpret that scripture  as saying no matter how dark of times you go through, God has big plans for you. Put your trust in Him and  you will live in the glory with Him.  


Joshua 1:9 

I believe in a loving, kind, and forgiving God. We know as children of God, there is a reason for anything and everything. I believe God has a plan for all of us and will always be with us wherever we go.  


1 Corinthians 1:10 

Faith is the trust in your community and the bringing together of people. Trusting that they will help you in need and that you would return the same kindness they give you. We are all here for each other; we are a family.  


Joshua 1:9  

Faith is believing that God is always with you, wherever you go. Whenever you have come across hard times  and think you cannot continue, you can have faith that God is still with you. God can strengthen you and give  you courage when you need it.  

November 7th is Bible Sunday here at Red Oak Grove. The following children will be receiving a Bible. Lacy Haberman, Amelia Bucher, Charlie Korsmoe, Ryan Cardenas, Aubrey Sistek, Oliver Magnuson,  Ryder Anderson, Sterling Schmidt, Harrison Hemingway and Haven Matyas. 

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