LOG October 2021

We have officially reached the autumn. Trees are changing, things are beginning to die off or maybe go dormant preparing for the season to come. This time of year is also when you smell bonfires while driving down the road, and maybe you yourself have bought a bag of marshmallows or two. Bonfires have always been something that I look forward to every autumn. The warmth the fire provides on cooler nights, the light cutting through the days as the sun sets a little bit earlier each day, and the show that the embers and fire put on as they dance in the fire pit are all things that bring joy and a different spirit to the year. I especially love watching as the colors dance from deep orange to black to white and grey as the fire dies down. It is also true that these things spark new things in us this time of year as well.

For the church, autumn sparks new activities, confirmation, and other fun things. This month we will be bringing back GIFT, a Sunday morning learning time, and a Halloween truck or treat. All of these things are sparking a new beginning for long-term ministry practices, like education. These little embers allow us to start anew, really, that is what the autumn is all about. It is a time where we can reflect and renew, preparing ourselves for the year to come, knowing that whatever it brings we have started with a blank slate, like a piece of firewood. I am excited for the new things the fall will bring for us. I hope that you feel the excitement about the new things coming to Red Oak Grove and hope you stay connected with us to get updates when needed!

Whether you are more of the fire-builder or fire-sitter, I hope that you have a wonderful autumn and experience all the fun autumn things you can. I hope that you get to watch some embers burn out, so that you know that the dancing heat is meant as something that both rejuvenates and destroys. This autumn feel the presence of God around you as you walk the path of forgiveness and change.

With God’s Peace,
Pastor Leandra

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church Council Minutes- September 14, 2021

The meeting was called to order by president, Rony Magnuson. Members in attendance included; Rony, Julie, Linda, Holly, Pastor Leandra, Tom, Diana, Cathy, and Gary. Highs and lows were shared. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer.

Secretary’s Report:
Reviewed the noisy coin offering schedule from previous month for corrections. Otherwise report was approved by all present.

Trustee’s Report:
Contract secured with Fillmore for upcoming winter season at $1.40. Men’s bathroom has leak that will need to be repaired, until further notice the bathroom will be out of order.

WELCA Report:
Ladies were able to complete clean up and going through things from the alter room. Decision was made to not hold visitor day this year in October due to COVID. Working on making stoles for those being confirmed this year.

Deacon Report:
Held a successful Back to School Youth Night with about 15 present. Meetings for Faith Formation Committee has been going well.

Pastor’s Report:
Led 3 church services in last month, 2 Funerals, making visits when possible at homes and nursing homes. Continues to work on First Call to Order work. Also been attending meetings with Faith Formation Committee.

Treasurer’s Report:
Scholarship approved by all present for Alec Ille. Final budget approved by all present to present at Annual membership meeting.

Old Business:

  • Phone services should all be updated with both lines now having voicemail and the Blooming line having nationwide long distance service. Emergency phone in elevator is fixed and working also.
  • Roughly 68 attended Cowboy Services this year and around 30 were served lunch after service.
  • Marilyn still receiving mailers and updates for church member list. Council will discuss at next meeting next steps in reaching out to those that have not responded.

New Business:

  • Received price quote on flooring project in Fellowship room and hallway. Quote is $8,040.00 for all material and labor.
  • Council members divided up Coffee serving for rest of the year: October-Angie (nominated and will be asked), November- Cathy, December- Diana.
  • Finalized annual budget for meeting, Cathy, Julie and Holly said yes to continuing to serve on council for upcoming year. Still no volunteers to fill Vice President position, Rony will continue to reach out until annual meeting for a volunteer.
  • We received a charity check for $750.00 to be used for charitable causes. Members should brainstorm for next meeting how we should use.
  • Pastor Leandra and Rony will reach out to area small churches to look into ideas to join in youth activities in hopes for more opportunities and fun for youth. Motion made and approved by all to start.
  • Council members should wrap up cleaning of church areas by next months meeting.

Motion from Tom and seconded by Gary to adjourn and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Diana Horan, Council Secretary

WELCA Report

The Red Oak Grove WELCA met on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 2 p.m. It followed Bible Study with Pastor Leandra. There were 10 present. The meeting was called to order by Joyce Peterson, President. The purpose was read. Judy Wambeam did devotions and read “Autumn’s Touch”. The Secretary’s Report from August was read by Linda. Ardell gave the Treasurer’s Report, $8,235.00 in Savings. No questions. Both reports were placed on file. Council Report was given by Linda. Main item flooring in Fellowship Room to report back.

Committee Reports: Quilting, Judy said quilting will start on Monday, October 4th. Gave 2 quilts to Education Foundation. Ardell stated Prayer Chain was going good. Eight emails have been added to receive messages. If anyone would like to receive a prayer request please give email to Ardell. WELCA will remember Arlene Bonnes who passed away recently. Selma Lysne has moved to Room 63 at St. Marks.

Correspondence: Lutheran Social Services will discuss end of year donations. Joyce thanked Julie Hoffman and Dawn Peterson for cleaning the banner room. Will again have donations for the Marie Sanvik Center a Sunday in October. Cindy will let us know ahead of time. Motion made to send $30 to Evangelical Synodical Woman’s organization. Nancy Wesely made motion.

Annual Meeting will be Sunday, September 19, 2021 followed by angelfood cake and strawberries. Ardell, Joyce, Linda and Judy to make cakes.

October 3, 2021 the funeral of Alan Clothier will take place at Red Oak Grove. WELCA to serve.

Offering was taken. The Lord’s Prayer was prayed. The next meeting will be Thursday, October 21st with Bible Study at 1 p.m. followed by WELCA monthly meeting. All are welcome. No Birthday Song sung.

Linda Christianson, Secretary

Ladies – Quilting will start at 9 a.m. on October 4th. On Thursday, October 21st at 1 p.m. Bible Study followed by WELCA. We will again donate items to the Marie Sandvik Center. Collection and delivery will be a Sunday in October. Watch for a date.

GIFT will start on October 6th and go from 5:30 to 7 p.m. All are invited to attend.

Sunday School will begin on October 10th and go from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. This is for children that are 3 years old by September 1st through the 6th grade.

Confirmation will be held on Reformation Sunday which is October 31st. We have 4 students who will be affirming their Baptismal Vows that day. They are Anna Haberman, Grant Magnuson, Benjamin Riley and Addison Doocy.

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