LOG September 2021

It is that time of year where we begin to hear the jar flies start their last summer songs. I was always told that when you begin to hear these cicadas loudly, they were giving summer their last songs and welcoming the autumn and harvest seasons. There is a love for those late summer bugs, as their noise has always been a sound of comfort anywhere we have lived. Little loud buggy friends that remind us to take those end of summer moments and have the most fun with them. Soon the cicadas will burrow down deep in the ground for the fall and winter and we too will greet that cooler weather with a joy for all things apple, pumpkin, and cozy. I would argue one of the best times of year, as fall is my favorite time of year. For now, we enjoy those summer ending cicadas.

I have had quite the busy past months with taking my vacation to see family and with the passing of four of your congregation members; plus, all the usual things pastors are up to. Hopefully, September will show fewer funerals, but our busy schedules doesn’t promise slowing anytime soon. We have many fun events coming up including the Cowboy Service and starting the faith formation year! Stay tuned for more details about all of that. All in all, things are adding up to being a fun-filled fall. I feel it is also important to note that we will continue to practice the things that keep our community safe and healthy, especially those who are immunocompromised and those who need our extra care. So, please maintain mindfulness of those around us in our community, especially here at church, because we show God’s love through loving one another.

With God’s Peace and Love,
Pastor Leandra

The Annual Meeting of Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church will be held on September 19, 2021. The meeting will follow our 9 a.m. worship service
Everyone is invited to attend.

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church – Council Minutes- August 8, 2021

The meeting was called to order by president, Rony Magnuson. Members in attendance included; Rony, Pastor Leandra, Gary, Rachael, Julie, Joyce, Tom, Holly, Cathy, Amber and Diana. Highs and lows were shared. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer.

Treasurer’s Report was approved as is by all.

Old Business:

  1. Rony has been looking into making some updates and changes in the churches phone service. Current changes are the land line at parsonage has been disconnected as did not work well and not needed as pastor uses cell phone. Also updated phone in elevator to emergency calls only. Looking into possible more updates in service.
  2. Tom has been checking on fuel prices to fill tanks for church and parsonage and get contract signed. Current best price was with Fillmore at $1.40
  3. Marilyn still receiving mailers and updates for church member list.
  4. Still waiting to hear back from Tammy Wolf on her schedule for possibly doing a new church directory.

New Business:

  1. Pastors vacation starts on August 8.
  2. Planned food for lunch picnic for after Cowboy Service on September 12 that council will serve.
  3. Council will serve fellowship after church service on September 5th with Rony volunteering to serve that day.
  4. Annual meeting will be held on September 19.
    • Council members terms up this year are: Rony, Julie, and Holly.
    • Council discussed making the tasks for the 3rd Deacon position to be the Digital Director and be in charge of all online/social presence for church. Approved by all present.
    • Council decided to postpone pot luck scheduled for after annual meeting.
    • Council created new budget for 2022 year and was approved by all present. This budget will be presented at annual meeting to members.
  5. Noisy coin offering has been divided up for the year on where donations will be made and approved by all present.
    Schedule is:
    • June-September: Backpack program
    • November: Feed a Family
    • December: Ministerium BP
    • January: WELCA Mitten Tree
    • February: Paint the Town Pink (Hormel)
    • March: Food Shelves
    • April: BP Youth Club
    • May: Synod Assembly

Pastors Report: Pastor has led 4 church services and 1 service at Prairie Manor Nursing Home, 3 funerals and 1 Graveside Burial Service.

Secretary Report was approved as is by all.

Trustee’s Report: Tom is fixing water leak and cement patch job in boiler room. Floor Committee getting quotes and talking different options to cover and possibly match flooring upstairs.

WELCA Report: WELCA has been doing Meals on Wheels this month and has good amount of volunteers to deliver meals. In September there will be a combined circles meeting starting again monthly on 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:30.

Deacon Report: Organizing an upcoming meeting to discuss Sunday School.

Motion from Cathy and seconded by Julie to adjourn and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Diana Horan, Council Secretary


Sunday, August 1, 2021, WELCA met in the Fellowship Room following worship. There were 7 present. The meeting was opened by President Joyce Peterson in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The purpose was read together. In Linda’s absence no Secretary’s Report and Nancy took notes.

Joyce mentioned that Verna Magnuson is at Meadow View/Fountain Lake, 1761 Eagle View Circle, Apt. 101, Albert Lea, MN 56007 (Phone 507-473-2440).

We remembered two of our WELCA members – Muriel Sayles and Esther Dalager

Ardell reported the final Strawberry “Drive Thru” Social income was $4,634.96. The quilt ladies sold 18 quilts for $805. They gave two quilts to the American Legion which sold for $100 at their auction, two quilts to the Blooming Prairie Youth Club and two quilts to the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group. We have one Senior quilt this year for Carson Brennecke.

Joyce and Ardell attended “Women’s Day at Good Earth Village on Saturday, June 2nd. The day retreat included speakers and lunch for $35. The message was “Reconciliation”.

New Business: A new Flooring Committee has been formed for the Fellowship Room. Tom Harber will be the chairman. An all church circle tentatively planned for the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. starting in September. Cowboy Sunday will be September 12th outdoors on the south lawn. The Red Oak Grove Annual Meeting will be held September 19th followed by a potluck meal. More information and guidelines to follow at a later time. Discussion on coffee serving. Council will take care of the 1st Sunday and WELCA the 3rd Sunday.
The remaining Sundays to be filled in by congregational members. If no one signs up no coffee.

August Meals on Wheels Drivers

  • August 2-6 – Holly Ille and Dawn Peterson
  • August 9-13 – Sue Hamersma, Judy Wambeam and Ardell Swenson
  • August 16-20 – Linda Christianson and helpers
  • August 23-27 – Joyce Peterson, Coleen Peterson and Jamie Hanson

Next meeting will be Sunday, September 5th at 10:15 a.m.

Minutes taken by Nancy Wesley

A note from Joyce Peterson, President of WELCA – Thank you to everyone who helped with delivering the Meals on Wheels. Your volunteering is appreciated.

On September 16th at 1 p.m. there will be a combined meeting of the WELCA Circles with Pastor Leandra leading the Bible Study.

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