LOG June 2021

June 2021

The summer months are finally here! Which means we are getting to enjoy some hot weather, thunderstorms, and green trees. It is also very exciting to see that the summer months are bringing a slowing to the pandemic. For the first time in a long time, it has been exciting to hear voices filled with hope flowing through the walls of the church, instead of the muffled voices of worry. June is bringing exciting things for us as a congregation. Most known, we will be hosting the drive-thru Strawberry Social! After two years, it feels like something people have been awaiting. It is even more amazing that this is the 80th social the church has done. 

Summertime for us also means that people are traveling and moving around more. It was a year ago now that we moved across the country to here. In all our travels, I am constantly surprised about the people you meet along the way. In some ways, those are the people that make the trip special. Those new people you meet may be someone in the RV down the way from you, or the extraordinary storyteller that you meet while getting ice cream. No matter where you travel, it is the people you end up remembering along the way. This summer gives us some new opportunities to welcome new people and to become a new friend to a stranger. That may be here at home, at church, or while we are out traveling and exploring new places. Either way, be a friend and may God bless your journeys. 

With God’s Peace, 

Pastor Leandra 

Mask Policy for Red Oak Grove 

As a church community we have been closely following the recommendations of the CDC and the MDH through the worst parts of the pandemic. The new recommendations allow those who have been fully vaccinated to no longer wear their masks in large group settings if they are comfortable doing so. We will strongly recommend that those who have not been vaccinated continue to wear their masks and consider being vaccinated when able.  

We will continue to be flexible and adhere to the best practices and the recommendations of the CDC that keep our worshipping community safe. I would like to personally thank all of you for your patience and thoughtfulness throughout this past year and going forward as we see the hope of a post-pandemic time. 


Pastor Leandra 


cell: (507)438-6084

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church – Council Minutes- May 11, 2021 

The meeting was called to order by president, Rony Magnuson. Members in attendance included; Rony, Pastor Leandra, Gary, Rachael, Julie, Joyce, Tom, Angie, Amber and Diana. Highs and lows were shared. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer. 

Treasurer’s Report 

No report present for meeting to review 

Old Business 

1. Church cleaning on main side of church is looking great and nearing completion. Will begin focus on Sunday school wing next. 

2. Member update is slowing down with the amount of letters being returned. Will probably do one more time mailing out before calling and reaching out personally to members for updates. 

New Business 

1. Strawberry Social is coming along well, strawberries have been prepped and in freezers. Had great  volunteers for the prepping of them. Flyers have been made and will be going out in surrounding towns and  Rachael will post on church Facebook page. A few tables will be setup outside for use but will not be advertised  and sign will be posted on church stating no access or bathrooms to use. Still in need of volunteers to work  that day during serving times. Can contact Linda Christianson for sign up. 

2. The annex side of church is next area to be cleaned and looked over. Areas were divided out amongst  Council members and WELCA with expectation to be completed by June meeting on June 15.

3. Council discussed when we would return fellowship on Sundays. Decision was made to have following  service on May 23 when Seniors receive quilts. Then will hold on 1st Sunday of the month thru August and  revisit. Council members will rotate serving through then. Motion made by Gary. Seconded Tom.

4. Pastor expressed desire for faster/better internet in parsonage. She will check into what will work or they would like and bring back to council for decision. 

5. Riley family reached out asking to rent tables and chairs from church for daughter’s graduation. Council  agreed this should be ok. Motion was made to allow Riley family to rent some tables and chairs for a free will  donation by Julie. Seconded Angie. 

Pastor’s Report 

Pastor has led four worship services. Confirmation has now wrapped up in May for summer. Synod assembly completed on May 8th. Pastor and Laura will be resuming services at Prairie Manor soon on their Sundays.  Will also be assisting in Baccalaureate service for seniors end of this month. 

Secretary’s Report 

Secretary’s Report from April was read with one correction on Deacon’s Report to state nothing to report instead of no Deacons present to report. Motion to approve by Rachael. Seconded Angie. 

WELCA Report 

WELCA purchased new draperies for Pastor in her office that have been hung and look nice. Spring cleaning on the outside has been started on flower beds and around church. Have been very busy preparing for Strawberry Social. 

Joyce noted as a reminder to families of the parish to look into Good Earth Village Day camps they are offering this summer, as this a great opportunity and place for youth to visit. 

Deacon’s Report 

Rachael has been maintaining social media presence and will be posting flyer with more details and menu of  upcoming Strawberry Social. Marilyn is working on getting things together for Summer Day Camp for youth. 

Motion from Gary and seconded by Rachael to adjourn and closed with the Lord’s Prayer. Respectfully submitted, Diana Horan, Council Secretary

WELCA Report 

The May 2, 2021 Sunday WELCA meeting was called to order by President Joyce Peterson. We meet in the Fellowship Room following worship. Twelve were present. The meeting was opened in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The purpose was read together. Joyce gave devotions and read a reading “Time  Out”. Linda gave April WELCA Report which was approved and put on file. Motion by Nancy. 

Correspondence: Thank you from Dorothy Peterson for thinking of her family with sympathy. Also a note from the Duane Schmidt family. No Treasurer’s Report was given. 

Committee Reports: Quilting-Judy Wambeam We sent 5 adult and 5 children’s quilts to Marie Sandvik. One quilt given to Education Foundation in Blooming Prairie for their upcoming auction. They did not have an  auction in 2020. In our Spring session of quilting we completed 33 quilts. We have 4 Seniors receiving quilts Rachael Riley, Grace Magnuson, Cole Christianson and Boone Carlson. Sunday, May 23rd they will be given. 

We completed our April Meals on Wheels. Thank you to all who helped deliver. 

Confirmation pictures for 2018-2019 and 2020 have been updated. Six bags of mulch have been added to the south entry of church. Thank you to Joyce and Ardell for cleaning the area and Nolan and Linda for mulch  from B to Z Hardware. Thank you note sent to Michelle Riley, Rachael and the Girl Scout Troop that planted all  the Spring flowers we are enjoying. 

Sign-up sheet started for short cakes (19) and angel food (2). Updates on all social planning given. Joyce mentioned that Thursday, May 6th, is National Day of Prayer.  

We prayed the Lord’s Prayer together. The next meeting will be Sunday, June 6th, following worship. Linda Christianson, Secretary 

Graduation Info

Graduation for the 2021 graduates of Blooming Prairie will be June 4th at 7 p.m. A  Baccalaureate service will be held at First Lutheran on June 2nd at 7 p.m. Red Oak Grove  graduates are Grace Magnuson, Rachael Riley, Boone Carlson and Cole Christianson.  Best wishes and congratulations on your future plans. 

Strawberry Social update – If you are planning to work for the Strawberry Social on June 7th, please come at  8:30 a.m. or 9 a.m. If you are working for the Social on June 8th come at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m.

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