LOG May 2021

May 2021

It has been over a year since I first interviewed with the Call Committee here, and this month will make a year since you voted as a congregation to call me as your pastor. It is amazing how quickly that time has passed and how many things we have done together in the past year. In the month of April we were able to celebrate Easter together safely and what a joyous Easter Sunday and Holy Week it was. Seeing so many of you again or for the first time in a long time was a wonderful welcome sign. Plus, having an Easter Sunday egg hunt is always fun too. I hope that you were able to share in this Easter joy. 

May reminds me of bright colors, warmer weather, and longer days. All things that bring a bit more joy and brightness to our lives! Speaking of beautiful things in our lives, this month celebrates Mother’s Day which is a day that honors all of these who are moms, grandmas, single parents, and so many others who may be a mom or a mother-figure to anyone. Though this is a broad definition, Mother’s Day is a day that encompasses all of these people and maybe some that I have forgotten. It is because of these people in our lives that we often learn important life lessons that go well beyond just being someone’s parent. My mom taught us how to have compassion for others no matter who they are and also how to laugh and smile every day. She is still attempting to teach me her gluten-free biscuit recipe (hers will always be better). My grandma, great-aunts, and other amazing people who helped grow me are all people I think of on Mother’s Day. I thank God for these people, and I wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day. 

I hope that this month brings you some brightness, warmth, and joy. 

With God’s Peace, 

Pastor Leandra

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church
Council Minutes- April 13, 2021  

The meeting was called to order by president, Rony Magnuson. Members in attendance included; Rony, Pastor Leandra, Gary, Holly, Rachael, Julie, Cathy, Joyce and Diana. Highs and lows were shared. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer. 

Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented. Motion made by Julie and seconded by Holly. We are reviewing contract on printer and services to possibly update, will discuss at next meeting. 

Old Business: 

1. Sound system has been repaired and seems to be working much better. 

2. Easter services had 104 in attendance between all the services that morning. 

3. Church cleaning is going well and all areas are looking much better. Discussed the need in some areas for  some painting needing to be done. 

4. Member list update is going well and many members responding and Marilyn is updating when she has  time. 

New Business: 

1. Strawberry Social this year will be a drive thru style meal, but Council was asked to possibly vote on whether there should be a few tables available to sit at outside or not. Council is recommending having 3-4 tables with chairs setup outside for use with wipes on the tables for anyone to use with the expectation they will wipe for personal use. Also have sign on church stating no entry and no bathroom for use. Council decided WELCA  ladies can make final decision on having a few tables or not. 

2. Council discussed how to proceed with the pastor replacing and making minor cosmetic repairs at  parsonage and all agreed that she can submit for reimbursement for cost but if anything major needing  attention or repair to reach out to Council or Deacons. 

Pastor’s Report: 

Pastor has led 8 worship services and 1 online worship service. Continues to hold Zoom confirmation until May. Pastor made 8 baggies for homebound members with communion that were delivered out before Easter. Synod Assembly on May 8 for Pastor, Gary, and Laura to attend. Has also been continuing work on first call to Synod. 

Secretary’s Report: 

One correction to February minutes on totals for to Synod. No report to review for March, will review at May meeting. Motion made to accept report by Cathy and seconded by Rachael. 

WELCA Report: 

Meals on Wheels going well and have had many volunteers for the month. Pointed out all the wonderful work  Linda has been doing refinishing wood work in the church and how nice it is all looking. They have been able  to complete the cleaning of the Kitchen, Kitchenette and store rooms. Strawberry Social still in planning stages  with more information to come.  

Deacon’s Report: 

No deacons present for report. 

Motion from Cathy and seconded by Julie to adjourn and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,  

Diana Horan, Council Secretary

WELCA Report

Sunday, April 11, 2021 Joyce Peterson called the WELCA meeting to order following worship. Twelve were  present. The meeting was opened in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The purpose was read  together. Marilyn Helleck gave devotions and read “Sing Praise to God for April”. Secretary’s Report from  March was read and approved. Treasurer’s Report give and will be placed on file. Correspondence was a  thank you to the quilting ladies for the creative quilt donation from the After Prom Committee. Reports were  approved by Nancy W. and Karen B. 

Committee Reports: Prayer Chain – Ardell Swenson had suggestion for ladies to decide if they would like to  continue calling or use email messages. Also discussed WIT-if they should continue or not meet any more. Sunshine notes were mentioned. Quilt raffle tickets and pictures of quilt were distributed. 

Quilting Ladies have met for 3 Mondays and have made 8 quilts, 4 for Seniors and 5 from Diana M. and many  youth and baby. May 15th kits made by circles will go to Albert Lea delivered by Judy W. Also, Sunday May  2nd items can be brought for delivery to Marie Sandvik by Cindy H. Loading following church. Committee List  updated and will be posted. 

Joyce thanked those that worked in the kitchen and kitchenette cleaning. Many areas are getting a spruce up.  Good job ladies. 

New Business: Circles are to discuss if they are ready to meet and have Bible Study.  

Strawberry Social Plans: Flyers will be printed this week and ready to start getting posted. Letters with flyers  will be sent to area churches and care centers. Water bottles to be checked on for part of meal. Ardell made a  motion to go ahead. Seconded by Marilyn H. Signs to use at drive thru to be made at KIK Marketing in  Blooming Prairie for Welcome and Thank You for Coming. Approaching area and advertising will be  repurposed HOPE signs from First Lutheran at Christmas 2020. Nancy made a motion seconded by Marilyn H. Linda will follow up. Some flowers will be planted on south entrance to spruce up for summer.  Some yard cleaning has taken place. 

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer. Birthdays were Virginia Davis, Judy Wambeam and Carolyn Zipse. Next  meeting is on May 2, 2021 following church. 

Linda L. Christianson, Secretary 


SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, June 8th Strawberry Social 11-1 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. Needed: Helpers to bake  shortcake, prepare strawberries, servers, runners and traffic directors. Contact Linda ChristiansonJoyce Peterson or Nancy Wesely

Thank you to all who helped deliver “Meals on Wheels”. 

Thank you to all participated in the making of quilts. Thirty three quilts were made including five from Diana Magnuson. As of April 15th, Ardell Swenson will not be scheduling any meetings or planning any activities for WIT.

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