LOG April 2021

April 2021

Easter season is upon us and the world is waking up. We even saw the first robin of the year in our yard at our bird feeder just recently. We are reminded of the rebirth and resurrection of the earth all around us today. I find that maybe people are feeling a bit better with their ability to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun. We feel better, too, because maybe it has begun to feel like the beginning of the end of a long, long year.

It is a joyful thing to see Easter around the corner. We have safely been incorporating things back into worship. Even though, we are all tired of social distancing and masks, we keep things in place so that we are able to experience worship more fully each week. Many of us have received our vaccines. Many of us feel that we are now fully protected, and as exciting and as much as a blessing that is, we continue on our journey to ensure that everyone in our church can enjoy worship and feel safe while worshipping our God. That’s what this whole church thing is about anyway, it is one place where we come to experience God and to feel connected to God’s presence among us. It’s about the whole body of Christ being able to draw close to Christ.

This Easter has some similarities to last year, yet it is so different. No one could have known last March what this past year would have brought. We hold the events of this last year in our hearts even now. As a church, we keep in mind those who have lost their lives in the past year. Over 540,000 people have lost their lives to COVID in our country alone and just this month we see people lose their lives to things like mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado. We have witnessed a lot of loss and a lot of grief this year. We need to see these things and lift them up in prayer as loss continues to unfold here at home and across the nation.

Easter is joyful. Jesus is risen! New life is upon us. New life is only possible because we have waded through the realities of death, loss, and grief. Jesus is risen! We hold both that joy and promise in the same space with loss. Jesus is risen! Let the church say amen.

God’s peace and Easter blessings,

Pastor Leandra Anderson


The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Gary Ulland. Members in attendance included; Rachael  Magnuson, Joyce Peterson, Holly Ille, Pastor Leandra, Julie Berg, Tom Harber and Angie Wagaman. 

Angie Wagaman was asked to come on board as a Deacon for 3 years. Motion made, was seconded, motion  was carried. 

Check in with highs and lows were shared. Pastor Leandra led in an Opening Prayer. 

The Treasurer’s Report was presented; a motion was made and seconded to table the report until next month’s  meeting. 

There was no Old Business to discuss. 

New Business: Palm Sunday will be indoors. Good Friday service will be meditation and devotion on  YouTube. Easter day will have sunrise service at 7 a.m., and Easter services at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Easter  Breakfast will be a to go muffin, coffee, or juice as well as gluten free choice. 

Easter Egg Hunt was discussed. It is depending on the weather outside. It may be done inside. 

Approve and Finalize Membership letter: There was a motion to except it as is and seconded. The motion  was carried. 

The Sound System was discussed. The ear piece is broken and is in need of attention. It was also discussed  that the sound system is not working well. This is being looked into. 

Church Clean-up was discussed. Everyone is coming along well with what they signed up to do. 

Pastors Report: Five in person services, Confirmation is going well, as well as first call education through  Zoom calls, baggies for shut-ins with communion, devotion books and treats have been made. 

Secretarys Report: A motion was made and seconded to table to next month’s meeting. The motion was  carried. 

WELCA Report was given. There was discussion about the Strawberry Social taking place. This year it will be  a drive thru on June 8, 2021. The times discussed will be 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. They are  asking for help with the event. It will be free will offering. There will also a be a quilt raffle. 

WELCA is also in charge of April Meals on Wheels in Blooming Prairie. They are in need of people to help. 

Deacon’s Report: Facebook is being maintained, live stream is taking place, next summer is the Youth  Gathering in Minneapolis. This will be looked into some more for information. 

Trustee’s Report: Repairs are being continued. South parking lot light is out. Sign to be put back up out front  of the church. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. and closed with the Lord’s Prayer. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Angie Wagaman, Deacon

WELCA Report 

Sunday, March 17, 2021, President Joyce Peterson called our WELCA meeting to order. There were 12  present. The officers had met before the meeting to go over a few items. The purpose was read. Devotions  were given by Linda and she read the minutes from February 3rd when the officers met as a year planning  meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report by Ardell. Not a lot of activity. No corrections. 

Committee Reports: Judy Wambeam reminded quilting will start Monday, March 15th. Plan to finish Senior  quilts. A quilt has been given to the After Prom Committee.  

Correspondence: A thank you from ELCA Women, Chicago for donation. 

We will collect items for the Marie Sandvik Center but DO NOT bring them to church yet. We will let you know  the date when the items can be brought to church and loaded. Cindy Hingeveld will deliver them to the Center. 

Ardell is planning on getting “WIT” involved again and they will be meeting on Tuesday, March 16th at 1 p.m.  Plan to do some cleaning of designated area at church. She also wanted to let us know that the quarterly  devotional books cost $96.40 and if we should continue. Please pick up for those unable to attend at this time. 

Visitation was updated and Sunshine wishes sent by Linda. Please let her know if someone needs a message  sent. Continuing to work on small repairs in the church. A list is made so if anyone wants to help, just check  the list. 

Strawberry Social update: A drive thru is planned for Tuesday, June 8th. Raffle tickets are ready to sell for  2020 quilt. Motion made by Nancy W. and seconded by Julie Berg. Quilt tickets will sell for $2 each or 3 for  $5. Flyers are being made. Motion made by Nancy W. and seconded by Doris Draayer for price of tickets for  last years COVID quilt. 

April is Meals on Wheels for Red Oak Grove 

April 1 and 2 – Joyce Peterson and Linda Christianson 

April 5th – 9th – Linda Christianson and Karla Iacovino 

April 12th – 16th –Dawn Peterson and Holly Ille 

April 19th – 23rd – Ardell Swenson and Sue Hamersma 

April 26th – 30th – Community Center has covered 

Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer. Next WELCA meeting will be Sunday, April 11th following the church  service. All are welcome to join in the Fellowship Room. 

WELCA is resuming meetings after a year of inactivity. It was discussed that if anyone would like to make a  donation to WELCA to help with our obligation to missions it would be appreciated. Note donation and give to  an officer please. 

Linda Christianson 
Secretary, WELCA

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