What is the Bible?

Starting yesterday and continuing on Sundays through March, a Bible study is being held during the fellowship hour following worship.  We are using David Lose’s Making Sense of Scripture and the key question we pondered yesterday was what is the Bible?

Do you think it’s a silly question?  One that we don’t dare ask in church?  One that you pretend to know the answer to in front of your pastor even if you’re not really sure?

I think it’s a perfect question and a great one to ask!  Below is a summary of a few thoughts discussed yesterday. If you’re intrigued, join us next Sunday for discussion around the question of is the Bible true?

I think that’s what is most helpful about thinking about the Bible as a collection of things that together tells us a huge STORY about who we are.  … it’s not exactly like the stories we grew up with.  It’s chock full of all kinds of different things, some that seem pretty odd to us.  But all those bits and pieces collected together make up this huge scrapbook, and that scrapbook tells the story of God and God’s people. [Making Sense of Scripture, p. 21]


… that’s what the Bible is ultimately about – God.  It does have two major parts [the Old Testament and the New Testament], but it’s one story, the story of God and God’s unyielding, tenacious, and indefatigable desire to love, bless, and save the whole world.  … God will do just about anything to tell the world and everyone in it that they are loved, that they have value, that they are special to God, and that God has a place and purpose for them. [p. 26]




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