We “buried” the alleluia during the children’s message yesterday. [That means we put the printed alleluias in a box and sealed it shut. They’ll see light again on Easter morn!] The word of praise is traditionally not proclaimed in the season of Lent, the season of the church year that we usher in this week with Ash Wednesday. It’s not that we don’t praise God during Lent but that we approach the season with somberness and reflection on the human life and our need to cling to God and God’s love. And we save up our enthusiastic alleluia for Easter morning!

Many people during Lent take up a discipline of some sorts. Some don’t eat chocolate or don’t drink coffee. Some people promise to not use curse words or commit to doing yoga each of the 40 days of the season which lead us to Easter morning. Maybe you do something like that; maybe you don’t.

If you are looking for something – for a Lenten discipline – may I give you a few suggestions? Lent, in its very nature, is one of reflection. You can join us on Sunday mornings during coffee hour as we reflect on Scripture through Bible study. A favorite professor of mine from Luther Seminary is releasing a Lenten devotions, sent each day to your email, for the season. You can sign up here. Or, year round, God Pause email devotions are published each morning and appear in your email inbox.

So. What do you think? Will you come to Bible study or maybe sign up for an email devotion? What discipline, if any, will mark your Lent this year?


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