100 is the magic number.

You know we’ve been all about mosquito nets and working towards helping our neighbors in Africa this month.  Yesterday we wrapped up our January focus on these life saving nets.  Through the Clarke Cares Foundation, every $10 would buy two nets which would then be matched by another foundation for a total of FOUR nets for every $10.  Red Oak Grove pooled their coins each Sunday in January, making lots of noise throwing them in a big metal buckets during the offering.  The women of ROG pitched in with a great donation to help the kids buy even more nets.

The total?  100 nets!  That’s 100 families who will have a net to sleep under.  100 families who will have a better chance at not becoming ill with malaria.  100 families of children and elderly who will have a greater chance of surviving.

An example of bed nets hanging from the ceiling [these happen to be in a hotel in Tanzania].

We blessed the nets in worship yesterday.  Everyone got up out of their pews and put a hand on the net we had and if they couldn’t reach the net, they put their hand on the shoulder of a person who had a hand on the net.  [Or the shoulder of a person who had a hand on the shoulder of a person who had a hand on the net.]  What a blessing to share.

Bless these nets that they may be a blessing to families who need them.  We pray for their safe arrival and delivery to our brothers and sisters in Africa.  May the nets keep families safe, healthy, and well.  May you continue to work through us at Red Oak Grove, that we may see the face of Christ in our neighbors across the world as we love and read out to all in need.  And all God’s people said AMEN!

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