Here at Red Oak Grove, the ladies [and gents!] quilt for a series of Mondays in the fall, take a break for the winter, and then pick up again in the spring.  We have to leave space to stay safe in those pesky winter snowfalls!  On the Mondays that they meet, anywhere from ten to twenty people gather in the fellowship hall of the church as it’s transformed into a quilting space.  It doesn’t matter if you have quilting or sewing experience or not – if you can tie a knot, you can have a job!

Today was the last Monday we will meet until the snow is done flying.  The quilts that we have made so far with love and dutiful attention will go in various directions.  To Lutheran World Relief and to agencies in the Twin Cities that need blankets to hand out to others.  There are also baby quilts for newly baptized at church and potential quilt auction pieces that will benefit the church.

The total number of quilts completed this fall?  Fifty-two.  Fifty-two quilts!


To be continued in the spring!

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