New beginnings.

I’ll fess up right away – I’m new to Red Oak Grove.

Not only that – I’m new to full-time solo ministry!

There are lots of new beginnings.  Beginnings come with excitement, anxiousness, and deep anticipation.

It’s fall at the church.  A new year of children’s education on Sunday morning.  Confirmation for middle school youth is about to commence.  A new year of quilting.  New and different mission focuses.  [The children are aiming high to buy mosquito nets.  Such a  wonderful mission!]

New and exciting things are happening at Red Oak Grove.

Including a new website!  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “New beginnings.

  1. hello i think this new web site is great a good way to follow the goings of the church and its members. Pls keep up the good work and welcome to the area pastor lindsay

      1. thank you for visiting my mom a couple of weeks ago i do like this web site
        i believe everyone who joins will see it is a positive place to talk and get information on church functions besides the being in church thanks to you pastor lindsay and to the church council

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