LOG June 2022

My Siblings in Christ, 

When traveling through the country, I find that there are people to connect with along the way. It makes  travel unique and perhaps it is one of my favorite things about stopping and spending time at places in different  states. Whether it be the owner of a small roadside garage antique shop in Iowa or the neighbors at a  campground in North Carolina, people find a way to share in those little joyful moments of making connections.  It takes seeing a person and talking to them about who they are that can make yours and their day. 

I am starting to understand how my parents always had friends at each campground all around the  country. It is worth the time to say hi to someone and make a new friend. It is part of being who we are as not  only people, but also as Christians, it is how we share the love and power of God. These are things that are so  very necessary in the world today, especially after all of the sadness and pain that we see unfold in  communities around the country. I invite us all to think of being a good neighbor these days and sharing the  love found in Christian connections. 

We have opportunities coming this month and beyond to spread that love and maybe make connections  along the way. This month we have our annual Strawberry Social, Bible Camp for the kids, and the other  activities we do at church each and every Sunday. I hope to see you there! I am certain we will have a good  time. 

With God’s Peace, 

Pastor Leandra 

Congratulations and our very best wishes to the following graduates. Carson Brennecke who will graduate  from Blooming Prairie High School on June 3rd and to Jacob Ulland who will graduate from Luther Seminary in  St. Paul on June 5th

81st Annual Strawberry Social at Red Oak Grove 

Drive Thru – Free Will Donation
Tuesday, June 14th
(weather date, June 15th
11:00 – 1:00 
4:00 – 7:00 

Pulled Pork Sandwich, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Strawberries, Shortcake and Water. Take Out Available 

Quilt Raffle and Quilt Sale

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church Council Minutes- May 10, 2022 

The meeting was called to order by president, Gary Ulland. Members in attendance included: Gary, Rony,  Julie, Joyce, Holly, Pastor Leandra, Tom, Cathy and Diana. Pastor Leandra led opening prayer. 

Secretary’s Report: Report was approved as is by all present. 

Pastor’s Report: Usual Sunday services as well as services at Prairie Manor. Attended Synod Assembly with  congregation members. Had meetings with Faith Formation Committee to plan upcoming summer activities for  youth. 

Treasurer’s Report: April starting balance: $24,492.76. April Revenue: $15,810.13 (higher due to carpet  transfer from Improvement Fund). April Expenses: $17,906.10 (higher due to paying for carpet). April ending  balance: $22,396.79. Report approved as is by all present. 

Deacon’s Report: Faith Formation met last Tuesday and is planning an Adventure Bible Camp for summer.  Will meet again beginning of June. 

Trustee’s Report: Jeff Gwilt came and replaced broken glass and trim that was missing. While here for an  extra $100 he cleaned the gutters out around the entire church. Tom will be sharpening the lawn mower blades  soon. Shad R. will be arranging date to work on flooring with some co-workers, more details to come. 

WELCA Report: Quilting has now completed and 44 quilts were made. This Sunday there will be a blessing of  the quilts. On May 29th a quilt will be given to graduate. Meals on Wheels had many volunteers for the month of  April. WELCA will provide some scholarship money to any youth attending Good Earth Village. Organizing and  planning has started for Strawberry Social. WELCA would like to provide some meals for workers when carpet  is being installed.  

Old Business: 

1. Phone service update: Phones are working. Work continues with Verizon to fix mistakes with billing but  moving in the right direction. 

2. Spring clean-up rescheduled for this Saturday, May 14 from 1-4 p.m. 

New Business: 

1. Good Earth Village is having financial issues with getting things back and running after Covid. Idea  presented to give our yearly donation of $300 now instead of end of the year. Using June and July months of  noisy coin offering as donation to Good Earth Village. Motion to make donation now and collect noisy coin  offering in June and July. Motion passed by all present. 

2. Joyce thanked the congregation for allowing her to represent our church to attend the annual conference.  Joyce enjoyed her time at the conference very much. 

3. Members of the congregation have voiced they want to have more details posted on the church financials.  Council decided to list checking amount changes in meeting minutes. 

4. Strawberry Social scheduled for June 14th, with a weather day being Wednesday June 15th if need be. WELCA is in earlier phases of planning but sounds like things are well underway for a good social. 

5. Pastor’s vacation May 18-25th and July 1-15. Pulpit supply people are being contacted. The church will have  alternatives if need be. 

6. Looking into new speakers in the sanctuary to help better the sound for people on Sunday morning. We will  also look into bluetooth headsets for those who are hard of hearing. 

7. May 29th Council is serving coffee and cake to celebrate our graduating senior. 

8. Council meeting was moved to Tuesday, June 21st at 6:30 p.m. 

Motion made to adjourn meeting and seconded. Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Diana Horan, Council Secretary

WELCA Minutes 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022, six ROG women met for our monthly WELCA meeting. Joyce Peterson opened the  meeting in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The reading of our purpose was said together. No  opening hymn or devotions. Secretary’s minutes were read. Ardell gave Treasurer’s Report. Checking  $2,229.61, Savings-nice balance, no correspondence. 

Committee Reports: Judy said senior quilt is done. Last day of quilting was April 28th. Forty-four quilts were  completed. Diana finished 8 and made a beautiful one for the Strawberry Raffle. Report given regarding  Zumbro River Conference on April 21st. All those who helped with Meals on Wheels for April were thanked. All  quilters and Al Wesely thanked for labor of love. 

New Business: Voted sponsorship of $100 for anyone wanting to go to camp. Motion and seconded.  Continue preparing for Strawberry Social on June 14th. Blessing of quilts will be May 15th. Some discussion on  recognizing of Jacob Ulland. Table until we know more. We will provide meal (meals) to workers when  flooring is done. Talk more when we get a date. Spring outdoor clean-up is May 14th from 1-4 p.m. Planting  flowers by south entry. Need volunteers. Marie Sandvik will be scheduled again the future. Bring items only  on the day of pick up. Date to be announced later. Good Earth Village day is June 25th. Southeast Minnesota  Synod Women’s Convention in Rochester on Saturday, September 17th at Bethel. If new to convention can  apply for registration paid. WELCA serves coffee third Sunday and Joyce Peterson volunteered for May 15th.  The Cheer List has been updated. Call someone who needs a cheering up. Suzanne will be ordering  sympathy, get well and birthday cards. 

Offering was taken. Closed with the Lord’s Prayer. Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 1st. Time to be  announced. 

Nancy Wesely for Linda Christianson

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