Faith Formation Survey

We would like to offer an opportunity for feedback concerning faith formation at Red Oak Grove. This is an opportunity for families and people of all types to give us some ideas in what they would be excited to see in educational programs lead by the church. We say faith formation because our faith lives are constantly evolving as we age. Faith formation is a program that involves the smallest of children all the way to the oldest adults. We never stop growing in our faith, so we never stop needing those forming experiences together.

Regardless of age or what your family looks like, we would greatly appreciate your input and guidance towards building a strong and long-lasting faith forming experience for all at Red Oak Grove. If you could take a few moments and answer the following questions, it would be incredibly helpful. Fill in as many answers under each question as you would like. Please send your responses to Marilyn Ulland at or send them to the church. Thank You!

You can download a copy of the survey >> HERE <<

Please fill out and mail back to the church before September 10th, 2020.

Red Oak Grove Lutheran Church
ATTN: Marilyn Ulland
30456 Mower-Freeborn Road
Austin, MN 55912

  • What day and time would work best for you and/or your family? (i.e. Sunday afternoon, Sunday morning, etc.)

  • How often would you like to gather?

  • In these times, would you be interested in in-person gathering, virtual gathering, or a combination of the two?

  • What is the easiest form of communication for you and/or your family?

  • Available to our people, authentic in your faith, and affirming in growth adult volunteers are integral to making a faith formation program work well. You do not have to have children, big families, or extensive experience to be a good volunteer. If you would be willing to share your gifts and skills, let us know!
    1. What gifts can you share?

    2. Would you feel more comfortable leading if training was available to you?

    3. In what ways do you feel you can best help?

    4. Would you be interested in volunteering?

We welcome any additional comments! Please respond by September 10th.