Welcome our New Pastor

Introducing Pastor Leandra

On Sunday, May 17th 2020 the congregation voted unanimously to call Pastor Leandra Anderson to serve at Red Oak Grove. She will be joining us on July 1st and we are exited to welcome her to our community!

Leandra was born in 1994 in North Carolina. She graduated from seminary in Gettysburg, PA on May 16th, 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Religion/ Religious Studies and a Master of Divinity degree. Red Oak Grove is her first call and she will be ordained at Red Oak Grove by Bishop Regina when it’s possible to gather. She will be accompanied by her husband who is originally from the Albert Lea area.

From her minister profile sheet “I am a child of God called to lead and to be a faithful witness to a congregation and community. I am called to be a leader, teacher, and pastor to all ages. In this ministry we are called to be in communion with all and to faithfully learn from one another inside and outside of our congregation.It is what we can lean from our communities that keeps ministry alive and growing. I have a passion for teaching, preaching, community, and for pastoral care in my call.”

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